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Our Olive Oil - Fresh, Healthy and Delicious

Matiatia Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The oil is a blend of Koroneiki and Frantoio olives along with a very small percentage of Moraiolo and Pendolino varieties.  Since 2002 when we first entered Matiatia Gove extra virgin olive oil in competitions, we have gained numerous gold medals along with 9 ‘best of class’ and 2 ‘best of show’ awards.

Aromatic and herbaceous, it has flavours of freshly pressed olives, fresh cut grass, green apples, salad leaves and fresh nuts. It has a mild peppery finish. It is a delicious fruity, all-purpose oil, perfect for drizzling over meats, chicken and fish, for salads and pasta. Try it too, as a dipping oil.

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Producing Our Olive Oil

Harvest Time

Our harvest takes place between late April and early June so that each variety can be picked at the correct stage of maturity for excellent flavour and a good return of oil.

Olives begin to deteriorate the moment they are picked.  Matiatia Grove olives are harvested as carefully as possible and 'crushed' within a few hours.  By carefully controlling all of the harvesting and milling processes, we ensure the oil retains all of its important health-giving nutrients and flavour. 

The results from independent chemical testing show that our oil has a very low acidity level and a low peroxide value (an important indicator of an oil’s keeping quality). Sensory analysis shows it is free from faults. Matiatia Grove olive oil is certified as extra virgin by the Modern Olives Laboratory in Australial.

As well as tasting delicious our oil has a high level of important natural anti-oxidants, sterols and polyphenols that make it a very healthy food choice.

Storing olive oil - Fresh is Best

To maintain its quality, Matiatia Grove’s oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under argon (an inert gas) to prevent contact with air in our specially constructed cool room. We bottle to order.

Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age; quite the opposite in fact and it’s best enjoyed when fresh. Exposure to light, heat and air affect the quality of all oils and will ultimately cause rancidity.  

We use dark glass bottles to help protect the oil. You can help too, by ensuring that, after use, the bottle is properly closed to minimise contact with air and stored in a cool dark place, preferably in the refrigerator (the door is the best spot) once the bottle is opened. The oil becomes thick and cloudy with refrigeration; this does not harm the oil at all and it will become clear again when it returns to room temperature.

Ideally, extra virgin olive oil should be used within the year it was produced. However, if stored correctly, an unopened bottle of Matiatia Grove oil should maintain its quality for at least eighteen months to two years from its processing date.

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Matiatia Grove Olive Oil - Fresh, Healthy and Delicious

Use in place of butter when preparing couscous or mashed potatoes.

Use as a ‘dip’ for crusty fresh bread or fresh vegetables.