Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil New Zealand

Matiatia Grove on Waiheke Island produces one of New Zealand’s leading brands of extra virgin olive oil. Following its inaugural harvest in 1997 Matiatia Grove became one of Waiheke Island’s first olive oil producers.

Since then, Matiatia Grove has consistently produced superb quality award-winning extra virgin olive oil. You're able to purchase Matiatia Grove extra virgin olive oil online.

Fresh, healthy and delicious, Matiatia Grove olive oil is entirely natural, just the juice from olives. Our oil not only tastes delectable, it has the benefit of containing high levels of natural anti-oxidants and is a healthy addition to your daily diet. Matiatia Grove extra virgin olive oil is certified as extra virgin by the Modern Olives Laboratory in Australia.

Waiheke Island, where Matiatia Grove is located, has ideal olive growing conditions. Waiheke is the second largest island in the Hauraki Gulf and an enjoyable 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland central city.

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Matiatia Grove Olive Oil - Fresh, Healthy and Delicious

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the tastiest and healthiest of all olive oils. It is entirely natural, containing nothing but the oily juice crushed from olives without using heat or chemical solvents.